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Cool Civil Engineering project!

30 Sep


27 Sep

Monday Mountain Biking

25 Sep

Can you spot both deer in the center of the picture on the right side?

Photo for my election campaign?

24 Sep

This was made by a loyal neighbor after he was impressed with my grilled cheese sandwiches filled with fresh bbq chicken.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with the election, but didn’t he do a good job!

Homecoming Weekend

24 Sep

**See my updated page “Studies” for some initial grades”

This weekend was Homecoming, don’t know what that actually means but there was a football game against U of T which I was not particularly interested in. Lots of party goers Thursday, Friday and Saturday though. Instead I got ample sleep, did all my laundry, grocery shopping and a workout instead. I have been craving those delicious breakfast sandwiches they sell in the cafeteria, with egg, crappy cheese and white bread. I bought all the ingredients to make my own!

Sausage patties, Eggs, Tomato, and Marble cheese on wholewheat English muffins, very delicious!

Although I do not feel as financially pressed as others, I have been making every effort to cut down on living expenses. The local no frills has some fantastic sales, and I now know what is a typical price vs. a great deal! (Loaf of Italian bread @ $1.99 = great deal!)

On an aside, it should be an interesting week of class, I have taken care of quite a few things that are due down the road (math quiz, chemistry, programming assignment) so I can focus on an ELECTION campaign this week. I will be running for public relations officer!
Updates to follow..

First weekend at school, away from school

17 Sep


In waterloo, lots of water and interesting sights


Very sleek building a cycling trail took me through.


Simon eating at silver spoon in Kitchener. For $10 I got a salad, tea, and french toast sandwich with ham, turkey and swiss cheese.


Good Eats

13 Sep


Brain fuel. An average night.