Better Planet Project!

19 Nov


I am pleased to welcome you to the Better Planet Project Student Council! I am really looking forward to meeting with you and going over your suggestions for the council and the direction we are looking to move as a group. Unfortunately the community engagement sub-committee was not formalized until late into the semester so there is only 1 event left this semester. I would like to get your availability for next semester even if it is tentative to try to schedule a common meeting time for everyone. If you could forward me you availability that would be great! Also I would like to invite you to join me on Tuesday November 20 to the BPP Conversation Cafe at PJ’s restaurant at 5:30pm until 7:00pm in the Macdonald atrium. This is the only event for this semester left and I know it is short notice but I really hope you can make it. It is a great opportunity to speak with Alistair and meet the other members of the council. There will be refreshments and I hope it will really give you an understanding for the project and what we as a group hope to achieve. I really hope to see you there!


This is an email I just received, any ideas for cool green competitions or technologies maybe? I am swamped lately so I haven’t had a ton of time to think about the direction I would like to take with this. Also, Alistair Summerlee is the president of the university of Guelph.


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