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Food for thought #2

31 Jan

Two key skills for business and all other aspects of life.

1. The ability to always find the best in others.
2. The ability to make decisions quickly.


Food for thought #1

31 Jan

One who believes is a majority, the majority of people don’t believe anything.

Every so often I will post neat little “life hacks” such as this one.
Fyi I had a long day of studies today, got some mechanics, math and electricity and magnetism done. I finished off the day with a nice video chat with Mom and a rigorous swim in the pool followed by hot tub and sauna to sooth my tweaked back.

Guelph food, latest news

30 Jan

Let me tell you about my diet, exciting eh!?

I try to eat clean as often as possible, which usually means vegan/vegetarian. I try to then get protein some other way.

Also SMALL FREQUENT meals are key.

For breakfast I cooked 3 eggs with cheese in a bagel.

Lunch I had an Indian zucchini, eggplant, curry type dish over rice.

Mid-day I had another nice Indian lentil bean potato casserole dish with a variety of interesting flavors.

Chicken noodle soup – classic, and quite good.

Bright yellow Couscous and Hummus with celery (They both stood out as being exceptional hummus and couscous)

I wrote my mechanics test, I am now studying so I can get a perfect score on Physics tomorrow, and then I will have Wednesday night, Thursday morning and Thursday night to study for a math midterm worth 20% (eek) taking place on Friday morning.

In a few minutes I am off to collect my previously paid deposit for a house we (I) decided not to get involved with..Should be a fun time.

And there you have it!

My Exciting Weekend!

28 Jan

Warning: This post may contain a trace of sarcasm.

Friday night: Coded until 1 am

Saturday: Coded until 1 am

Sunday: Slept in, 30 mins of water polo -> Then coded until 12:04 am.

This week:
Programming lab, Physics 1130 & Physics 1010 Labs, Calculs midterm (4 days to study)

Mechanics test tomorrow, then assignment to prepare for friday’s quiz.


What’s on my mind?

22 Jan

Physics Electricity & Magnetism:
Online Homework
Assignment 2 – due 28th
Physics with Applications:
Study for a quiz tonight, write it Thurs morning.
Lab on 26th?
Test 1 Feb 1
A1 jan 28th
Lab exam, code in 2 hrs tomorrow afternoon. Practicing more today
Lin algebra:
Need to practice
Quiz friday
Test next tuesday

Figure out housing


The Buoyancy Generator!

21 Jan

The Buoyancy Generator!

A balloon of radius 1.5m displaces about 14,140kg of water! Of course you could make a smaller balloon because that much force would require a too great an anchor.

Lakeside Church – Wow!

20 Jan


This morning I boarded a shuttle bus to the local church with some friends. I will do my best to describe it. Massive, modern, up-beat, exciting…This was not your typical church atmosphere. They had concert style music with a guitarist, drummers, keyboard, and multiple singers.
This area is actually at the back, upon walking in there are complimentary beverages and a hallway full of booths for various related programs/ campaigns.

I know you guys would have really enjoyed this place..

What was really interesting was the sermon from the priest, who was dressed casually rather than with the fancy hat and big white cloak. They have a theme about living a “regret free” life, and using the strategy of pretending you only have a year to live, to live and love better.
(This is why there is a big clock , 338 days)

I don’t recall everything he said, but to summarize: Reflect on how often we try to change other people instead of accepting them. We can encourage people, and desire for our loved ones to have “success” in life, but shouldn’t force things upon them. We need to focus more on recognizing the things they are already good at..
He had a definition of love: To view others as higher than ourselves, love without expecting anything in return, take action that will better the lives of other people. He believes that the most important trait that will be used to judge the quality of one’s life at the end, would be how they loved. If you don’t love you are just noise…

This was a catholic church, with biblical references. However it wouldn’t have really mattered what beliefs you subscribe to. They simply offer logical, practical, relevant, life advice and encouragement.  Very cool..