Lakeside Church – Wow!

20 Jan


This morning I boarded a shuttle bus to the local church with some friends. I will do my best to describe it. Massive, modern, up-beat, exciting…This was not your typical church atmosphere. They had concert style music with a guitarist, drummers, keyboard, and multiple singers.
This area is actually at the back, upon walking in there are complimentary beverages and a hallway full of booths for various related programs/ campaigns.

I know you guys would have really enjoyed this place..

What was really interesting was the sermon from the priest, who was dressed casually rather than with the fancy hat and big white cloak. They have a theme about living a “regret free” life, and using the strategy of pretending you only have a year to live, to live and love better.
(This is why there is a big clock , 338 days)

I don’t recall everything he said, but to summarize: Reflect on how often we try to change other people instead of accepting them. We can encourage people, and desire for our loved ones to have “success” in life, but shouldn’t force things upon them. We need to focus more on recognizing the things they are already good at..
He had a definition of love: To view others as higher than ourselves, love without expecting anything in return, take action that will better the lives of other people. He believes that the most important trait that will be used to judge the quality of one’s life at the end, would be how they loved. If you don’t love you are just noise…

This was a catholic church, with biblical references. However it wouldn’t have really mattered what beliefs you subscribe to. They simply offer logical, practical, relevant, life advice and encouragement.  Very cool..


One Response to “Lakeside Church – Wow!”

  1. jill murphy January 21, 2013 at 3:46 am #

    Wow is right Angus! Now that’s my kind of church. And you sure seemed to get the gist of it! Those are truly words to live by and you have them committed to memory already. Good for you! I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks.

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