Big date tomorrow!

27 Feb




As you can tell by the pictures of the snow, I was counting on having a day off to study. That didn’t happen. Instead I did a physics lab on Kirchhoff’s laws and wrote a physics test worth 10% of my mark. The way these physics tests work is that you have up until a certain date (today) and a maximum of 3 tries to get a perfect score and get 10% of your final grade “in the bank”. If you get less than 2/10 you get 0, more than 2 and less than 8 is 2%, and 8/10 or higher gets you perfect 10%. I always have a really tough time interpreting the questions and my first attempt I had 7/10 which gave me 2, then on my second attempt this morning I got a 0!! So under an enormous amount of pressure (not wanting to get a 2% or 4%) I had to strategically skip some classes to cram. It turns out my programming class went OUTSIDE to play with data structures in the snow…Anyway, after cramming and running around all morning scared out of my mind I narrowly escaped death getting an 8/10 and my 10%.  I now have a DATE with my physics and math textbooks. Bye for now and enjoy that picture of my supper, yes those are plantains!


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