Life update – School is almost over

8 Mar

I dressed up in a suit today, I attended the job fair this morning and got a free professional head shot for my linked in profile following class.

School is still grueling but this week feels like heaven after last week, I am going to try and get my 100% on physics before the weekend, so I can concentrate on my linear algebra exam next Thursday and do some programming this weekend. I would like to get a 90+ in that course, so far I have 94. I had an 80 on math which I wrote on the same day as Electricity and Magnetism (66%), with a failing class average. Very tough exam that I actually felt quite confident about, but unlike many people I stuck around after we were handed back the exam in tutorial to get clarification instead of complaining about how hard it was. I have noticed that it is really important to find out what your mistakes were and understand them in ALL courses, more so than in highschool. The material really builds on itself.

I have started to do my work around the schedule of my TA’s. They mention that often times no one comes to their office hours (often due to the timing of assignments) so I am going to try and take advantage of that by running into problems early by doing certain things earlier than I normally would/should.

Random fact: My mechanics professor knows me by name, how cool is that! (Class of about 250)

Hopefully this kind of post is interesting to you guys, let me know if there is another aspect of the university life you would like to hear about.

Back to work!



One Response to “Life update – School is almost over”

  1. Sandra Murphy March 9, 2013 at 1:28 am #

    Angus, Angus, Angus, we love you so! What you are doing is great and we love hearing about it. Imagine Prof. calling you by name in a class of that size. Though why not, And he must have taken that on as a challenging memory goal. When do you actually fly home for summer? Love G&G ps We watched Caroline’s Ringette game tonight on computer they are in Riverview/Dieppe for tournament (Mom went and Aiden is with Gran). They won both games so far we think. Tonight was 8 to 1 for C”s game. Yea!!!! Talk soon. This Variety Show G and I are starring in has been a lot of work. rehearsals and practices totaling about 12 hours a week but a lot of fun. You will probably get to see a video of us. Your Grampy and I sing a song together; Grampy sings The Outhouse Song with a 5 girls chorus in background of which I am in also, and 2 other girls sing a Song from “South Pacific” with me as well. Costume changes etc….It’s going to be very nice as there are 22 different acts. Jill will be here to see it. She arrives Mar. 16th.-25th. See you hon. You are so dedicated to your work Angus. XXXOOO

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