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30 Jan

Let me tell you about my diet, exciting eh!?

I try to eat clean as often as possible, which usually means vegan/vegetarian. I try to then get protein some other way.

Also SMALL FREQUENT meals are key.

For breakfast I cooked 3 eggs with cheese in a bagel.

Lunch I had an Indian zucchini, eggplant, curry type dish over rice.

Mid-day I had another nice Indian lentil bean potato casserole dish with a variety of interesting flavors.

Chicken noodle soup – classic, and quite good.

Bright yellow Couscous and Hummus with celery (They both stood out as being exceptional hummus and couscous)

I wrote my mechanics test, I am now studying so I can get a perfect score on Physics tomorrow, and then I will have Wednesday night, Thursday morning and Thursday night to study for a math midterm worth 20% (eek) taking place on Friday morning.

In a few minutes I am off to collect my previously paid deposit for a house we (I) decided not to get involved with..Should be a fun time.

And there you have it!


Breakthrough in food science! As I make Shake n’ Bake chicken for the first time ever..

4 Nov

Here is a look at Hayley’s plate as she and Simon arrived in Guelph Friday night to the smell of Shake n Bake chicken thighs and salad with avocado chunks and Greek feta dressing!