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Guelph food, latest news

30 Jan

Let me tell you about my diet, exciting eh!?

I try to eat clean as often as possible, which usually means vegan/vegetarian. I try to then get protein some other way.

Also SMALL FREQUENT meals are key.

For breakfast I cooked 3 eggs with cheese in a bagel.

Lunch I had an Indian zucchini, eggplant, curry type dish over rice.

Mid-day I had another nice Indian lentil bean potato casserole dish with a variety of interesting flavors.

Chicken noodle soup – classic, and quite good.

Bright yellow Couscous and Hummus with celery (They both stood out as being exceptional hummus and couscous)

I wrote my mechanics test, I am now studying so I can get a perfect score on Physics tomorrow, and then I will have Wednesday night, Thursday morning and Thursday night to study for a math midterm worth 20% (eek) taking place on Friday morning.

In a few minutes I am off to collect my previously paid deposit for a house we (I) decided not to get involved with..Should be a fun time.

And there you have it!


My Exciting Weekend!

28 Jan

Warning: This post may contain a trace of sarcasm.

Friday night: Coded until 1 am

Saturday: Coded until 1 am

Sunday: Slept in, 30 mins of water polo -> Then coded until 12:04 am.

This week:
Programming lab, Physics 1130 & Physics 1010 Labs, Calculs midterm (4 days to study)

Mechanics test tomorrow, then assignment to prepare for friday’s quiz.


What’s on my mind?

22 Jan

Physics Electricity & Magnetism:
Online Homework
Assignment 2 – due 28th
Physics with Applications:
Study for a quiz tonight, write it Thurs morning.
Lab on 26th?
Test 1 Feb 1
A1 jan 28th
Lab exam, code in 2 hrs tomorrow afternoon. Practicing more today
Lin algebra:
Need to practice
Quiz friday
Test next tuesday

Figure out housing


18 Jan

This one will drive dad crazy. During my wednesday programming lecture I forgot to participate in the class questions since they require a $50 remote iclicker, and I felt that was a bit of a waste of money. You can get the same marks by writing the questions down and passing in your answers at the end of class. Well on wednesday I forgot, so the teacher told me to email her and she would figure out a way that I could make up the marks. I sent her a follow up email and he reply was something like this: “All you have to do is come up with 2 challenging multiple choice questions based on today’s lecture, send me the answers, and I will credit you for the day”. Well this is actually a second year course, and I didn’t really know how I was going to come up with difficult enough questions. She emphasized that she did not want any rote recall easy questions, they had to be good. And of course I had to make sure I understood them inside out since I had to also send her the answers. I took this as a challenge and set off on my journey. I wasn’t going to the gym until I came up with the questions.
After a few hours I had hand crafted two exam like multiple choice questions in a word processor, formatted them, crossed my fingers (not really) and hit send. I waited in the dark for a while, (not really, I have been in classes all day) and I just checked my phone to her response.
“Angus, those were awesome questions! May I use them in our review class?”
I may as well write dad’s comment in advance, * Where are the QUESTIONS!?!?” I will post them later, I wrote this on my phone.
Anyway, since I like to always tie in some important lesson into these rants. People enjoy being noticed, and celebrated publicly!  This was a smart move on many fronts by my prof. 1. I won’t forget to do the questions any more. 2. I learned way more 3. I will say good things about her, and be even more inclined help her in the future now that she made me feel “special” LOL. About time I wrapped this up, my point being effective praise is a powerful tool. I’m off to programming class…

The Questions

Physics – with applications

17 Jan


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If you’re wondering where I am

17 Jan


They say a public education will earn you a living, but self education will make you a fortune. I do not need these books, but Mr. Jobs didn’t NEED to change the way humans listened to music. He wanted to… See you in February!


The office

28 Dec