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Mommy! It’s over!!

18 Apr

Hey! So thats a year of engineering folks. It feels pretty good to be done, and I’m off to waterloo later today. Then off to see dad in florida on the 25th.


Are you working to become -> happy? Or happy-> to work better?

23 Mar

Click here.


How cool is that? I get to design my own exam question!

22 Mar


For mom, and others

21 Mar


Their room


My room

Btw I have been asked to participate in an online chat representing my specific engineering field with a group of first year engineers so that high school applicants can ask us questions. I remember like it was yesterday, that dad and I used this service to ask questions of these mysterious foreign Guelph students…


Pi day!

15 Mar


Help me choose a distance ed course to take this summer! (complementary elective)

15 Mar

I have posted information about courses that I could take this summer that would count toward my degree, and are of interest:

MCS*2100: Personal Financial Management

Course Topics

Week 1

      • Personal Financial Planning: An Introduction
      • The Time Value of Money

Week 2

      • Money Management Strategy: Financial Statements and Budgeting
      • Planning Your Tax Strategy

Week 3

      • The Banking Services of Financial Institutions
      • Introduction to Consumer Credit

Week 4

      • Choosing a Source of Credit: The Costs of Credit Alternatives

Week 5

      • The Finances of Housing

Week 6

      • Home and Automobile Insurance
      • Life, Health and Disability Insurance

Week 7

      • Fundamentals of Investing

Week 8

      • Investing in Stocks

Week 9

      • Investing in Bonds

Week 10

      • Investing in Mutual Funds

Week 11

      • Retirement Planning
      • Estate Planning

Week 12

    • Review

MCS*1000 Introductory marketing?


An introduction to the Canadian economy: price determination, market structure and resource allocation; the behaviour of consumers and firms; market intervention by government. Some of the economic issues addressed may include agricultural price supports, rent control, the NAFTA, environmental regulation, price discrimination, pay equity, and taxation.


Introduction to Canadian Business Management:

Canadian & Global Business Environment; Entrepreneurship & Small Business; Ethical Business Practices & Social Responsibility; Management – Organizational Structure, Motivation & Leadership; Human Resources- Hiring and Training Employees; Operations – Improving Productivity and Quality; Marketing – Pricing, Distribution, and Advertising; Accounting & Financial Management – Basic Financial and Accounting Principles, managing risk.


**MCS* 3040 Business and Consumer Law**

This course introduces students to statutory and common law concerning business and consumer transactions. An overview of the laws of contracts and torts forms the basis of business and producer/consumer relationships. Discussion topics include sale of goods and consumer protection legislation; debtor-creditor relations; competition law; intellectual property rights and manufacturers’ product liability.





Still busy, looking to finish strong

14 Mar

Here are the immediate tasks.

1130 Pre quiz
1130 Quiz 10%
1130 lab Tuesday & Monday
1010 Assignment due Monday 3%
1010 Formal lab report Wednesday 5%
1010 online homework due Sunday 1%
2500 Lab exam on Wedneaday  10%
1210 Mechanics quiz tomorrow 2%
1210 test next Thursday 7.5%
1210 Calculus Midterm next Friday 20%