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My Exciting Weekend!

28 Jan

Warning: This post may contain a trace of sarcasm.

Friday night: Coded until 1 am

Saturday: Coded until 1 am

Sunday: Slept in, 30 mins of water polo -> Then coded until 12:04 am.

This week:
Programming lab, Physics 1130 & Physics 1010 Labs, Calculs midterm (4 days to study)

Mechanics test tomorrow, then assignment to prepare for friday’s quiz.



What’s on my mind?

22 Jan

Physics Electricity & Magnetism:
Online Homework
Assignment 2 – due 28th
Physics with Applications:
Study for a quiz tonight, write it Thurs morning.
Lab on 26th?
Test 1 Feb 1
A1 jan 28th
Lab exam, code in 2 hrs tomorrow afternoon. Practicing more today
Lin algebra:
Need to practice
Quiz friday
Test next tuesday

Figure out housing

Physics – with applications

17 Jan


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JANUARY 12TH bike ride

12 Jan


It was about 15C today, great cycling near the arboretum.

A Case Study on Taking Risks

8 Dec

My last programming assignments was given a mark of 50% because it did not function properly due to a small error. This was very frustrating because I had spent quite a bit of time fixing that error, only to have it show up again when I read my feedback on the grading rubric.

As you may or may not know,  I am into exams and things are very fast paced. Teachers and students alike are eager to get out of here as quickly as possible and forget about the stress of exam time. I had a small window of opportunity if I wanted to protest for a re-grade on my assignment.

It is the morning of my final programming EXAM, and I know that my teacher is notorious for deleting emails from “whining” students and their gripes around deadlines. At this point I had a final exam to study for, I knew the chances of hearing ANYTHING back from my prof were very slim, and in the grand scheme of things this wasn’t going to make or break.  I began to talk myself out of wasting my time, and then I realized…

If it seems like it’s a big opportunity, don’t be afraid to fail. If you do it right you probably won’t fail, and if you do you are no worse off than when you started! –SecretSource

So what exactly did I stand to gain? About 4% added on to my final course grade, and more importantly, the satisfaction of knowing I had not “settled”.I began writing a positive email thanking him for introducing me to programming, getting me as excited as I am to learn more about it, and lecturing in an engaging manner. I asked him if he would consider re-grading my code, provided that he felt the new code was not significantly different from the old code that was submitted on time. A little while later he replied with a “Ok send it to me and I’ll consider it”.
After my Chemistry exam the next day I ran to the lab and emailed him the assignment. I checked back after a day, and there was no reply..

Well today I was rather pleased when I found a new grade had been posted online, of 97%. I can’t recall ever learning so much from a single assignment. Things like code writing strategies, debugging and effective negotiating.

My intent here is that the next time one of us is contemplating risk, we take the time to really weigh and consider what we stand to lose, and what we stand to gain.

After all,

Life begins where your comfort zone ends.





A Great Message

30 Nov

I really enjoyed this, especially because I have been extra introverted lately.


Checking out some 3D CAD Software

30 Nov

Checking out some 3D CAD Software

Water jet, 3D printing, etc.