Life update – School is almost over

8 Mar

I dressed up in a suit today, I attended the job fair this morning and got a free professional head shot for my linked in profile following class.

School is still grueling but this week feels like heaven after last week, I am going to try and get my 100% on physics before the weekend, so I can concentrate on my linear algebra exam next Thursday and do some programming this weekend. I would like to get a 90+ in that course, so far I have 94. I had an 80 on math which I wrote on the same day as Electricity and Magnetism (66%), with a failing class average. Very tough exam that I actually felt quite confident about, but unlike many people I stuck around after we were handed back the exam in tutorial to get clarification instead of complaining about how hard it was. I have noticed that it is really important to find out what your mistakes were and understand them in ALL courses, more so than in highschool. The material really builds on itself.

I have started to do my work around the schedule of my TA’s. They mention that often times no one comes to their office hours (often due to the timing of assignments) so I am going to try and take advantage of that by running into problems early by doing certain things earlier than I normally would/should.

Random fact: My mechanics professor knows me by name, how cool is that! (Class of about 250)

Hopefully this kind of post is interesting to you guys, let me know if there is another aspect of the university life you would like to hear about.

Back to work!



World’s Most Interesting Man

2 Mar

I don’t always begin midterms at 8:30am and end at 9:00pm, but when I do, I make sure to reward myself with a few hours of eye watering programming immediately thereafter on my friday night. I just survived the most academically brutal week of my life, and I still have to put together a fully functional computer game for Monday!

Big date tomorrow!

27 Feb




As you can tell by the pictures of the snow, I was counting on having a day off to study. That didn’t happen. Instead I did a physics lab on Kirchhoff’s laws and wrote a physics test worth 10% of my mark. The way these physics tests work is that you have up until a certain date (today) and a maximum of 3 tries to get a perfect score and get 10% of your final grade “in the bank”. If you get less than 2/10 you get 0, more than 2 and less than 8 is 2%, and 8/10 or higher gets you perfect 10%. I always have a really tough time interpreting the questions and my first attempt I had 7/10 which gave me 2, then on my second attempt this morning I got a 0!! So under an enormous amount of pressure (not wanting to get a 2% or 4%) I had to strategically skip some classes to cram. It turns out my programming class went OUTSIDE to play with data structures in the snow…Anyway, after cramming and running around all morning scared out of my mind I narrowly escaped death getting an 8/10 and my 10%.  I now have a DATE with my physics and math textbooks. Bye for now and enjoy that picture of my supper, yes those are plantains!

Post Reading Week Travel Updates

24 Feb

I met another friend Colby Currie at the Ch.Town airport who is studying at Queens University, so we sat together on the flight to Toronto. I am now at Bramalea and waiting on a bus to go the remainder of the way back to Guelph.

Valentines Day

14 Feb

So what a stressful week, I had to code on the fly in programming and must have put in at least 20 hours studying for my mechanics exam. I received my linear algebra midterm exam grade today… 94%! It is nice to be rewarded for all this brain numbing studying.

The Wealthy Barber

14 Feb

I listened to David Chilton speak tonight, it was a very refreshing, emotional, informative and humorous talk. He reminded me in many ways of Dad. He preached living within your means, being grateful and not getting stressed out over petty problems/ worries (transcending). He explained the thought process of choosing a TFSA or an RRSP (The ratio between your tax bracket at time of investment and withdrawal being of the utmost importance). He told stories from the Dragon’s Den, spoke about all kinds of deals he has been involved with and most notably he praised other people. He talked about the time when a young lawn service worker put a gouge down the length of his new car, and decided not to worry/stress about it after already wasting 5 minutes feeling angry. He considers himself very lucky for having such great parents that gave him a huge leg up in the world (As do I). He basically showed all the qualities of a good leader. Interested in helping others, has a sense of gratitude not entitlement, gets other people to talk about themselves, laughs at his own faults, and clearly can see opportunities and act upon them. He mentioned that a massive element of doing well in business is simply being nice to people. He observed how ridiculous it is when he sees people make the conscious decision to be upset over not getting their morning coffee, or not being able to finish a round of golf, which costs them the ability to be productive.
Anyway, taking action is better than all the advice in the world, I’m off to do some last minute Engineering Mechanics. (P.S,  95% on my programming assignment, although struggle in other areas..)

2 Very good articles

11 Feb

Number 1 here.

Number 2 here.

Number 1 is mostly for mom, number 2 should help me maximize my studying potential. After being in the library from 10am to 10pm today, my brain was screaming for a break.